What kind of offers does GoldenLine feature?

  1. Transparent Job Offer (35-day offer) photos. Dedicated job offer with a transparent layout, comprising the information the most relevant for the candidates – including the amount of remuneration, location and working hours. Transparent Job Offer is a guarantee of obtaining matching candidates and streamlining the recruitment process.

    Posting an offer requires having a private GoldenLine profile.

    • directly following the purchase, you will gain access to the creator allowing you to create the job offer by yourself
    • you will need, among others, the following information to complete the offer: name of the employer, suggested remuneration, photographs of the office or of the employees.
    • after the offer is filled out, it should be submitted for moderation by clicking the “Submit for moderation” button. Our specialists will ensure that the offer is complete and efficient.
    • offer available for purchase at: 
  2. Standard 14-day or 35-day Offer

  3. 14-day or 35-day Image Offer

    • enables to post logos, graphics, active links and videos
    • to purchase the offer, contact us via chat or call 22 599 40 83
  4. Provincial – each offer has provincial range as the candidates can browse job offers by province name. In practice, it means that an offer of a job in Radom will be visible for the candidates who browse the offer website and select the Mazovian voivodeship.

  5. Nationwide – the range of the offer extends to all provinces in Poland. It is visible for candidates regardless of the selected location.